The World's First Adjustable Drink Holder

The Original ZipSip


Built For Function

How ZipSip Works

With two zippers on each side, ZipSip makes it easy to fit any beverage. Just unzip the zippers and place in your drink!

The ZipSip Fit

Zip Down

Solo Cups 
Large Coffee Cups 

Half Zip

Pint Glasses 
Ball Aluminum Cups

Zip Up

Slim Cans
Regular Cans

Our Story!

It all started at a concert with an obsolete koozie, a cold sweaty cup, and a question, “why hasn’t anyone fixed this?”. Sip Brands founder, Lacie Leatherman decided then and there to change the game with a drink holder that would adjust to insulate any beverage. The very next day she ripped up her favorite can coolie, and started prototyping! It didn’t take long to figure out there was a demand. Patents were filed, then issued, and Sip Brands launched the ZipSip® in 2019.

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The ZipSips are cute and made very well. Great customer service!

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